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Rec List Part 2

  • ♪ - indicates favorite/a fic I particularly enjoyed
  • Ao3 = Archive of Our Own
  • LJ = LiveJournal
  • DW = DreamWidth
  • FF = Fanfiction.Net
  • #k = word count, thousand (i.e 10k = 10,000 or 5.6k = 5,600)
  • NC-17: explicit sexual context/violence
  • R - semi-explicit sexual content/violence
  • M - non-explicit sexual content/violence
  • PG-13 - some kissing/references to sex
  • PG/G - some kissing/general schmoop

Kurt/Blaine Rec List

The Mermaid Theory by halona; NC-17, 12k
Blaine/OC, Blaine/Kurt
AU. Blaine has a boyfriend and he’s a little worried Kurt might have developed a crush on him. Blaine’s not interested, until he really, really is.

Armistice by tooursavior; R, 40k
Kurt and Blaine were together in every sense of the word. They were one another's first kiss, first boyfriend, first love, but it didn't come without problems. Kurt Hummel is the son of a hunter - a man who spends his life tracking and killing anything supernatural and bad, from ghosts to demons, to werewolves, wendigo and even vampires. It's a hard life, lived on the road with little money and a lot of danger. Kurt, too, was raised a hunter, and when they were old enough, Blaine made the decision to join the ranks so that he could be with his love full time. Years on, that's all changed, and they are separate men, reduced to friends, but when Kurt vanishes, Blaine knows he's the only person who can find him and bring him back - because it's that or Blaine won't be coming back either. A "Supernatural" AU, told in pieces that alternate between the present day and flashes of the past.
Warnings: Angst, horror, language, (sometimes graphic) descriptions of violence, brief non-graphic sex, non-graphic torture, brief implied dub-con (demonic possession).

A Nation of Two by novelized; R, 30k
In which Blaine and Kurt aren't "Facebook official" and Blaine transfers to McKinley.

only love sprung from my only hate by preach_electric; R, 27.3k
Kurt/Blaine, Quinn/Puck. Vague hints of Finn/Rachel, Rachel/Jesse, Blaine/Jesse, Puck/Rachel, and Sam/Kurt
Kurt Hummel has dreams to make it big in New York City. Instead, he gets a dysfunctional family in a NYC nightclub.
Warnings: Overabundance of Shakespeare references, Jew jokes, alcohol, and italics.

When Obvious Meets Oblivious (LJ/FF) by fleurdelisee; R, 20k
The one where Blaine flirts with songs, Kurt is thick and Finn is scarred for life.

♪ On Centrifugal Living (LJ/FF) by nthcoincident; R, 17k
Twelve months and a love story in cups of coffee.

Every Word You Write and Sing by asterids; Soft R, 14.5k
A walk through the twists and turns of poetic language in relation to father-son relationships, divorces, running away, and the boys you (eventually) fall desperately in love with. Alternatively, Blaine and his dad are poetry nerds and Kurt doesn't really get it.
Warnings: non-graphic depiction of violence (relevant to Blaine’s backstory revealed in ‘Prom Queen’); homophobic slurs and other forms of gay-bashing; wet dreams

The Winding Paths By Moonlight by tailsy; R, 9.5k
Blaine Anderson wanders through other people's dreams, meets a boy, falls in love with him and spends a lot of time convinced that that last one didn't actually happen. Because Blaine Anderson is kind of oblivious, even if he is quite good at making people happy.
Warnings: implied sex; ... drinking and swearing, but that's really it.

A Conspiracy of Love by cookiedough; R, 8.5k
Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. -- Hamilton Wright Mabi.
'Tis the season in Lima, Ohio, and gifts are given and recieved.

Warnings: passing mentions of mental illness and suicide, emphatic swearing, passing mentions of sex, extremely sappy referencing of Christmas movies, blatant character theft from major Hollywood blockbuster, run-on sentences, and also, this is the first fic I have ever completed and posted, in any fandom, so be warned of that too.

How It Ends by mary_flanner; R, 7.5k
"We'll be in each other's weddings," he promises.  "On one side or the other."  Post-high school fic.
Warnings: Character death (not K or B), angst--jesus god, the angst!  It burns.  Non-sex in spades.

Silver Lake Sort of Summer by oncetwiceforevr; R, 5.1k
Kurt and Blaine spend the summer with his older brother in Los Angeles. Our boys' relationship evolves in a world that lets them be themselves.
Additonal Notes: This is a companion piece to It's Sunset and Vine (Or What Blaine Anderson Doesn't Say).

Just Watch the Fireworks by heliotropelied; PG-13, 33.7k
Kurt/Blaine, Nick/Jeff, Wes/OC, David/OC, Wes and ensemble
Wes’ senior year of high school is supposed to be a breeze: he’s got the perfect grades, he’s a shoe-in for the ivy-leagues, he’s got everything under control. But then Kurt Hummel steps into his life and Blaine falls in love with Kurt and, really, what else was Wes supposed to do? The story of how Wes Warbler gets through his final year at Dalton Academy and, how along the way, he helps his friends, discovers some things about himself and learns to love life.
Warnings: homophobia, hostage situations, general Warbler awesomeness

All the White Horses (LJ/FF) by nthcoincident; PG-13, 11k
Seventeen years of [fearing, admiring, failing, loving] raising a gentleman.
Warnings: Characters' opinions are not my own. Profanity, discussion of mature themes. POV from an at times very unsympathetic character.

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby by pushplaytobegin; PG-13, 10.5k
Rachel Berry's party both complicates and simplifies Kurt and Blaine's relationship. Both the boys re-evaluate their expectations, and Kurt finds someone else to think about. OC.

Sickness by heroes_and_cons; PG-13, 9k
AU. The year is 1954, and Blaine and Kurt are two friends who attend Dalton Academy in Westerville, Ohio. Having been raised by an ex-Marine father, Blaine is never one to venture outside the norm, yet he’s unable to resist the way he feels about Kurt. An idealist at heart, Kurt someday dreams of running away together, but Blaine struggles to choose between his conscience and his heart.

It's Sunset and Vine (Or What Blaine Anderson Doesn't Say) by oncetwiceforevr; PG-13, 8.1k
They’re in the backyard, Blaine’s thirteen and on his spring break during his first year at St. Ignatius Boys’ Day High School and Drew’s spray painting an old wooden office chair they’d found in a dumpster three towns away. They’re both wearing paint masks and Blaine’s covered in dirt and no one from school would recognize him now, no sir.

It's Love's Illusions I Recall by pushplaytobegin; PG-13, 6.9k
Blaine decides Kurt's self-esteem needs a boost and puts on his mentor hat to help, but after awhile, Kurt begins to suspect Blaine has ulterior motives.

Why Kurt Hummel Hates Facebook by broadwaypants; PG-13, 4.8k
Kurt really, really should have just de-friended Jesse when he had the chance. His facebook wall and his relationship with Blaine would certainly have been a lot more... normal if he had.

Do What the Music Say by seaouryou; PG-13, 17.8k
AU. In which Blaine goes to spy on New Direction and meets Kurt instead.

Gives Me Courage by dapperyklutz; PG-13, 10k
Accidentally eavesdropping on Kurt and Mercedes talking through Skype, Blaine becomes inspired and does something for him, with the help of The Warblers, New Directions and Kurt's family. Sometimes, it takes courage to be your true self.

All Your Midday Prayers by panaili; PG-13, 9k
When Kurt and Blaine offer to babysit Sam’s brother and sister, it hits Sam a little harder than he expected.
Warnings: Foul language, homophobia, gratuitous Disney

Observation by spawn_hell; PG-13, 6k
Basically, Kurt's being sexually harassed and Puck notices.

Family Ties by Keitorin Asthore; PG, 18k
It was enough of a surprise when Burt and Carole got married. Finn and Kurt were even more surprised when they decided to have a baby, but they never expected how their little sister would change things.

the one wherein Blaine and Mike like cardigans by villageidiot; PG, 5k
Kurt/Blaine, Mike/Tina
Mike sits with his bestie at the Lima Bean while Blaine is all 'woe is me'.
Born in a Small Town by sotto_voice; PG, 4k
Burt Hummel/Carole Hudson, Kurt Hummel/Blaine Anderson
Kurt looks way more disbelieving and cautious than Burt is comfortable with. Haven't they been through enough by now, hasn't he proved enough that he's gonna love Kurt and stand by him no matter what, that Kurt doesn't need to be scared to tell him that he's got a boyfriend?

The Braille Carved In Stolen Hearts by sun_and_rain; PG, 580 words
It wasn’t about what he hadn’t seen in Kurt. It was about what he hadn’t seen in himself.

Gen Fic:

The 25th President of the United States of America by miggy; R, 32k
It involves a school shooting and lays out who specifically is targeted. I would recommend avoiding the prompt at first if you would like to be surprised.
Warnings: violence and language.

You're Left Only On Your Own by miggy; R, 20k
At a late practice one night, Rachel and Kurt are almost killed. Things get worse from there.

Absolution by miggy; R, 16.4k
Immediately after gunmen tore their way through the William McKinley High School cafeteria, all people could focus on was who had lived and who had died. Given time, more wounds reveal themselves.
Additional Notes: This is a sequel to The 25th President of the United States of America. That story dealt with a school shooting. As with that story, this involves discussion of death and physical injury.

I Bring My Better Angels To Every Fight (The Man in the Mirror Remix) by ; PG-13, 34.8k
Burt wanted to change the world for Kurt. He didn't realize that, by changing himself, he already had. Those years of struggling that it took Burt to figure things out.

We Got It On Lock by miggy; PG-13, 10.5k
Everyone who has worn both a Regionals outfit and a Cheerios uniform winds up on a road trip together. A long trip.

It Goes On and On and On and On by miggy; PG-13 5.2k
The first part of this was written for a on the angst meme: "Kurt makes a deal with a higher power to trade his life for his mother's. (She never dies, he does instead). Glee Club are the only ones who remember Kurt." This also contains a follow-up story within the same post.

Facebook by xfindyourlight; PG-13, 1.4k
it’s been seven months boo and i can’t stop thinkin about you (Kurt's Facebook)
Warnings: character death, angst

CrissColfer Rec List

Turn The Lights Down Low by oddreigh; NC-17, 24.2k
Chris was fine with Kurt getting his first kiss with a boy before he did, and he was fine with Kurt getting a boyfriend before he did. But when he reads the script for the senior prom episode (a.k.a. the one where Kurt and pretty much all of ND book hotel rooms and go all the way), he decides that he's had enough of being jealous that his on-screen alter ego is getting all the action.

I Touch Myself, I Dream by andshesthemoon; R, 8k
Darren sets up a lunch meeting with Chris when he’s twenty-three and grounded and still whole, except then Chris walks in, shakes his hand in a grasp that’s not nearly firm enough for everything it changes, and smiles. Smiles – like he doesn’t carry a hurricane in the blue of his eyes, an earthquake under his knuckles, like he’s not a goddamned force of nature.

Just…Maybe by oddreigh; R, 6.7k
Darren is Colfersexual and makes speeches about how sexuality is fluid, it's okay to act if you find yours invalidated because it might just be the love of your life or some shit. With HP references.

Some Sort of Messy Emotions by oncetwiceforevr; PG-13, 16.3k
Chris Colfer never knew what it was like to have a real boyfriend; Darren offers to be his fake!boyfriend to show him what it's like.

Pulse Point by mittenconfetti; PG-13, 6.7k
Sometimes there are barriers that cannot be overcome. Sometimes there are people who have difficulty accepting reality. Sometimes love is hard to put a finger on.
Warnings: Swearing, angst

Shades of Grey by glycerineclown; PG-13, 1.7k
Darren’s straight, but Chris is kind of magic. Inner conflict, one-sided yearning and learning. Darren's POV.

Pink And Black by glycerineclown; PG-13, 1.3k
Deciding Darren Criss is off-limits has been one of the most grueling experiences of my young life. Chris Colfer's POV.

Bridging by mittenconfetti; PG-13, 1.2k
"There is an uncanny understanding that comes when two people fall short of love but into like, and then stumble their way blindly forward. It was like that for them, the stumbling and the falling, but at least they had this understanding."

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