Alina (xbigbangx) wrote,

here are my cosplay photos~~ enjoy. YOU HAPPY MACRINA?? LOL.

since I was giving the links to a friend anyway, here they are. Only three of 'em have me in it x)

first off, pics of my costume:

everything piled together once I pulled it out of the parcel ~ I was super excited hehe.

the bottom pieces, albeit its blurry, sorry D:

the gloves and ribbonsss (: (they were horribly made gloves so I bought a diff pair >.> ahaha, that was before I received the parcel though and then spent $20 bucks for nothingg. ended up using the gloves I bought anyways though lol >.> better than those |D)

the top white shirt and the vest :D

and then everything as I pieced it together, more or less ahaha (:

then me in my costume with others :D

me & Ismael aka "THE SAW" (I think lmao) I stole his cape later on :D

me and my buddy, Tina :D she's Zion I believe ~I just know she's from KH & is an Organization XIII member(Yeah idk how to spell the name >.>)

I look kinda bleh but it's me and my friend Vicky. She was supposed to be an assassin but she took of her coat and pants due to the hot weather |D she also had to leave her weapons at home due to school rules >:

Dinosaur!Yesenia :D

and up, it's tall white guy Marshal. He broke outta prison ;) How? Who knows... 

lol idk. some classmates I liked the outfit of :D SHARK GUY IN THE BG WOO ;D

and here's Tina in her Zion costume (THAT COST $200 BUCKS OMG @.@) holding her Sora plushie :Db

and my friend Matt, being a zombie. He took off his jacket though, so that's a bummer.

and that's all the pics I took ahaha x) I didn't get the chance to take many morre, sorry. Maybe next time :D

oh and on a side note, I went to the cosplay contest today at the mall (THAT I TOTALLY DIDN'T KNOW ABT WTF TINA DDD:) and by sheer coincidence found out about it, finding IZAYA THERE WOOOOOO and ofc my buddy Tina and her sister :D Second time I met Tina at the mall completely unplanned YEAH BBY, I AM SO PSYCHIC KEKEKE

Anyways, I took some pics buts its all on my phone and my mum won't let me text them to my email since SHE BLOCKED TEXTING AJFDLASJFD GDIIIIIII DDD<

I'll try to show it to you guys soon, hopefully 8( . But yes, that is all :D
oh and one more thing: sorry for not replying to your comments yet @.@ I'll do so soon, hopefully today. ahaha :D
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