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Poll #1626542 Halloween Cosplay
This poll is closed.

Which costume/character should I buy & cosplay as?

My budget is at $155 (including budget for shipping & all that) but it may or may not have another ~20-40 dollars added to the budget. Assume the budget max is $155

The problems I have w/ all of 'em:

Tifa: I'd have to buy the shoes along w/ the costume and idk how much that'll cost.
Chi: I'd have to  buy the wig AND costume AND shoes (maybe, depending on outfit) so IDK if that's in my price range.
BRS: too expensive trying to buy all 3 parts: clothes wig & shoes orz.

I think I'll save BRS for anime expo next year (when I can finally get a job and save up some more money)
so anyhow - any help? D:

The boots for BRS cost at least $90 and wig .... IDEK...
the shoes for Tifa? IDEK. It's converse shoes so I could prolly go buy it somewhere around town.
Chii I'd have to buy a wig for and MAYBE shoes so I have no idea how much that'll cost...

so far the count (unofficial/non LJ/f-list) votes:

Tifa: 3
Chii: 2

need some serious help in deciding ;~;
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