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memes. and I guess that weird dream from a few hundred years ago lol.

from razzlie


cause you know you want to hear my annoyingly girly voice : P

and one more~:

Post a comment saying “i believe the world is burning to the ground" and I will ask you five questions which you will answer on your journal and then pass the meme on.

1. How did you get into Kpop?
2. If you could back in time, where would you go and why?
3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
4. What is one thing that you'd like to do before you die?
5. What do look for in an anime/manga?

1. I was at first into Big Bang, their music of course. Then I started to ship GTOP after watching their Haru Haru mv for the 24565th time, I thought. Hmm. Maybe there are some fanfics about these people?! And searched for it. Over the span of... two? or so years I slowly spread out toward other groups, got to know them a little bit and listened to their music. Although I am still honestly only active in the Big Bang fandom lol. I think the reason why I got into kpop in general was because people were complaining about how I kept shoving only Big Bang down their throat and that there are other good groups out there as well. It was a good wake up call, albeit harsh and could've been prevented earlier if they had simply mentioned it earlier (it was one of the bad cases of internet drama, ugh). Anyways after they dumped their shit on me I slowly tried to listen to other groups. As for why, it's mostly because I love their music~ : ).

2. When I was around 10 years old so I can take better care of my body and face so it doesn't look as horrible it does now.

3. It would probably be somewhere in Japan or South Korea, somewhere in the European or Asian continent.

4. Hm, probably find that special someone if talking in serious terms. If more in the terms of fun, then maybe attend a concert or be able to be a minor back up dancer for Big Bang? Ahaha, but since I really cannot dance I'll prolly want to attend a Big Bang concert and to be able to meet them in person. But then again I've always wanted to do something really dangerous and thrilling.  Maybe like sky diving~  : ).

5. Hmm, I supposed good or at least decent art and a good story line. The first chapter or so needs to interest me or hook me. I might go past the first chapter into a few further chapters however if I find that the first chapter was kind of so-so and feel there's a lot of potential. The characters have to be likable to some degree, but not all. In anime I look for good animation, an interesting first episode and of course like usual a good plot. The characters need to capture my interest or attention, and if not, then perhaps the storyline.

ok so since I'm never going to finish typing up my dream, here is what I've got. Very inconsistent and confusing so if you have a question I can attempt to clarify.


I recall seeing a friend carrying me to his house cause I passed out or something (I really don't remember what was going on before that, I forgot by now sadly ~~)

So anyways so I'm at his place and its a really weird place, it seems to be haunted or have some type of curse on it. It apparently won't let him leave the place? Or it only does for a bit.

So we're hanging out looking stuff up on the computer (and the house is freaky since it kind of controls internet access and what the contents of the house are).

I was getting kind of hungry and my friend was like "what would you like to eat?"

I said "I don't know, whatever I guess?" or something along those lines at least.
he went to the fridge and took with him a carton of milk, where there was only a bit left. He said "See? The house only allows me this much milk at the moment." holding up and pointing to the contents to emphasize his point.

Nodding I shrugged and then excitedly said "Oooh, we can make some crepes or something!"
He replied with a confused look, "A what?"
"Crepes~! I could just look up how to make them, they're really easy to make~"
He continues to stare at me confusedly. "Um. what?"
"crepes? crepes." I said with, at first, a french accent and then an american accent. noticing it was a lost cause due to the confused look on his face I shrugged it off, saying nevermind and went about the rest of our business.

See what is weird about this house is that it seems to be in the middle of nowhere, in a sense, and it has control over almost everything. It won't leave anyone who enters the house leave. Not for long. And I didn't really seem to register this fact (although I have no idea how I found out, my friend whose name and face I can't recall atm probably told me at some point in time).

After a few hazy scenes here and there I recall walking into his room and seeing a fan and a box with a picture of a doll. Its a humanoid doll similar to a persacom thing, you know the one from chobits? nvm. anyways so it was on the desk and I picked it up and sorta kind of realized that the house won't let the occupants leave until this thing or doll or w/e is born or activated or w/e.

Also strangely enough when it first activates the first person it makes eye contact with is what it shall take the form of, creepily enough. It at first has no actual human form and in order to do so it mimicks the first person and kills everyone else around them, save for perhaps the person it mimicked.

so after more blurry scenes and what not I don't remember, there is suddenly a scene before me that seems to me like a few bodies on the floor and the just newly about to be born doll underneath it. I, not wanting to be anywhere near the doll, stare at it in fear as it starts to activate.

I'm standing, heart beating wildly with fear, and I'm staring and WAITING for it to mimick my friend (or whoever he is because I don't know honestly), and its wide green eyes kind of just stare into space - I'm to the side so I'm not in its line of direct vision.

It then cuts to some blurry scenes and then I'm suddenly seeing my friend holding onto the doll's shoulders and staring into its eyes with anticipation - waiting for it to start mimicking him. I watch as the transformation begins. It tries to arrange its face, things pulling and pushing in a disgusting manner into something that resembles skin just barely - the rest of its body mechanical and robotic for now.

It struggles, then after a long moment it fails and instead begins to mimick- who is that? ME?! And then my friend turns around in rage and he lunges at me in wild, animal like behavior - attempting to claw at me. I can't help but fear him as I attempt to run away, all the meanwhile thinking "but didn't he hate this place, that thing? I thought he didn't want this to happen!".

I don't recall what happened the next number of scenes, but I think I passed out at some point after something happened and I was laying there, wherever THERE is.. I was beginning to "remember" something about my past. A crime scene. A thick bushy type forest around a house. Police officers were scattered around trying to find evidence about something or another. And then I'm running around suddenly remembering something about the area, a crucial detail to this scene perhaps?

In a dress I run, I'm only a kid and the whole thing seemed blurry. I step through bushes and trees and all these plants around the house and I look forward to see a seal of some demonic power - one of five I seemed to recall - that cursed the house. Trapping its occupants.I scream at the sight in fright and yet I move and find the other 4 seals. I don't know how I know their locations but it seemed I simply DID. The same reaction happened - I screamed and some police officers came to see what was the matter. They didn't find it odd that a small child was wandering around a crime scene?

But as I pushed past them and found the very last one, I stopped and stared. I had a feeling that I was LOOKING for someone within that house - but who? I didn't know, but I knew I was going to miss them if I didn't go and try to save them.

With that thought I jumped into the "vortex" that surrounded the house - much to the many protests of the officers nearby - and landed within the house. Alone. I woke up from my "fainting"? spell to come to realize something. It wasn't my friend that was trapped within this house. It seems that it was me? Or maybe just some random girl was the one who was trapped within the house all along - ever since I/she was a kid?? The POV changed quite a bit during that scene.

Cutting to a different scene, after more blurry things happened, another doll seemed to begin activating and imitated someone in a room similar to my brother's irl (except it was more empty and spacious) - perhaps it was my friend - and was now on a mission to kill everyone else within the housing - and maybe anyone outside. A blade seemed to rip out of/appear its body and it mechanically started slicing at everyone - bodies start falling to the ground next to the other ones already on the floor and blood seemed to fly everywhere. It started to chase me with its blade as I ran for my life.

More chasin && then eventually the thing was destroyed, somehow. More blurry scenes happened and then it seemed as if I was getting into a fight with some people I don't know in order to either get ahold of or get rid of the new doll yet to be activated. After an intense battle with some destruction and mayhem, I try to get away by shoving the doll's head in the direction of my brother? friend? a guy basically.

Anyhow as I tried thwarting him off by shoving the doll into the room (where all the previous dolls were activated and killed everyone. a mess but surpisingly empty of any dead bodies strangely enough)...

and that's where I stopped typing~. I hope it was interesting : )
kay gotta get back to doing my eng hw orz. only the 2nd day and already I have english hw. ugh.
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